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Coming back + invitation
Hi, folks!

My name's Gosha Zaborski - some elders could remember me, I hope:)

I was EASA participant and, than, tutor in 2004-2006. Today I'm going to tell you a short story and to invite you for a good action.

I was inspired with EASA, but my obsession was to develop easa-like spirit of informal architectural education in acton on my native post-soviet background. I've left participating in EASA and spent 4-5 years to drive this idea to sucsess(that's another, longer story of how it could be done: we were working on a small-scale local worksops and building installations for 4000-participants youth science camp in Russia 1,2,3,4; trying to make friends with government and fell in love with political radicals, etc...). Now it's done.

Open studio "ArchDepot" - architectural skills for the near future + educaton in action (yep, site is in progress of redesign to have bilingual form now, and most of pages are suspended - but feel free to use my e-mail to ask anything you couldn't locate on the site ). Studio works sustainable since oct., 2010.

I've decided, that's time to pay back for inspiration and experience, to bring our contrbution to EASA community. I'm invitng you to participate in the Insterburg summer school project (you may know the city - Insterburg|Cherniakhovsk was hosting SESAM 2010), and to contionue communication.

Truly yours (feeling myself like coming back to the family:), Goshaz

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Hi! We have new NC's now: The one is Inessa Kovalyova: please check web-sites (easa Ukraine):
by Kseniia @ 5/8/13 11:12 PM

Hi.I cannot contact somebody in Ukraine.What have I to do
by abmic @ 3/10/13 7:37 AM

Seen we have a new webpage for easa, great ;) Best Regards from Tirana/Albania Ps:Accept my old address,please you may write...
by lorenc @ 12/8/12 11:33 PM

Hi there, This website has fallen a bit off the radar, but EASA is still going. The next one is in...
by carla smyth uk @ 12/7/12 6:08 PM

Hi Jelk, first of all, I apologize for my english, i still improving it. I'm an architect student from Spain. i...
by l.campuzano @ 11/20/12 12:40 AM

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hello people, I am not sure if this is still the place to be for leaving messages and stuff or that...
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Shetland: Liege:
by Gordon Hulley @ 10/12/11 10:40 PM

Some pictures @ MM
by Massimo Moro @ 9/16/11 11:31 PM

some photos here:
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in topic: Insterburg
Hi, folks! My name's Gosha Zaborski - some elders could remember me, I hope:) I was EASA participant and, than, tutor in...
by goshaz @ 6/13/11 9:08 AM

Hi all, I couldn’t agree more with the direction this discussion is pointing to. I myself have to take some shady...
by danchoice @ 5/20/11 1:59 PM

thanks for replying! i was hoping it would reach more people, or that more people would have an opinion on...
by monicator @ 5/19/11 10:33 PM
by paradeiser @ 5/17/11 4:41 PM

please EDIT: not lala.aDB !
by leyla_az @ 5/17/11 4:33 PM

EXACTLY! Thank u, Monica!
by leyla_az @ 5/17/11 4:32 PM

Somone told me on friday: "ah, i know easa, but i will never ever EVER go there! it's only people...
by monicator @ 5/15/11 11:21 AM

Folks! An international student solar design Competition has been announced by Dow Chemical for the fall of 2011. It's unique in...
by Peter Anders @ 4/28/11 4:33 PM

in topic: contacts
---------------------------------------------- questions about this site: mail marko or johannes ---------------------------------------------- Organisation 2011: Spain official easa 2011 website ---------------------------------------------- 19.03.2011 National Contacts AlbaniaKlejdi Eskischool: Polytechnic University of Tiranaemail: ArmeniaMarian Ayvazyanschool:...
by paradeiser @ 3/19/11 5:15 PM

Dear easians, We have recently announced the selected workshops for easa011 on Congratulations to all selected tutors! See you in 147...
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