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greetings from beautiful busy barcelona, the clowns home has been destroyed.
¿but who knows what that might lead to?
perhaps the following...

"adjusting to dramatic shifts in society"
or the unfolding story of the ecological spiritual revolution,
¿from Eire to New York to Sarajevo to India to Vis to Banja Luka to Frilande to la Condition Publique to Venice to Barcelona to ...?

EASA 2008 - Ireland + pirate hijacking of Venice architectural bienalle 2008

"Old Irish folklore associates the past with the West, while the future lies in the east. In the vernacular architecture of the countryside, houses turned their back to the west and face east towards the bright future, the rising sun."
EASA 2008 - Ireland -

irish (architecture) in venice architecture bienale 2006 photos, discussion

irish (pirates) in venice architecture bienale 2006

irish (pirates) in venice architecture bienale 2006

ADAPTION intro...
"adjusting to dramatic shifts in society"
id propose the argument that finding how to live sustainably is what matters, and from finding out the theory, putting it into practice. difficult, yes. possible, yes

hijack growing idea...
we are talking about the ecological spiritual revolution which has been underway for some while, and came from a lovely discussion in metavilla with Lucien Kroll and our Cuban pirate friends
Lucien Kroll: Moments D`Architectures

from that 2 things are the arguments that make up this pleasent story;
1 - the paradigm shift in society that fritjof capra mentioned
(see west to east thinking as base of shift in terms of revolutionary change in worldview, thesis of his book tao of physics - )
2 - "the signifigance of the global ecovillage movement", an essay by Ted Turner from EUROTOPIA, directory of intentional communities

from reading and researching these intros, we will take you to the second part of the project:
2007, a year of ecological spiritual revolution
joining 2 bits to the equation:
1- 50 years on from Vinoba Bhave´s (Mahatma Gandhi´s successor) proclamation
"let the year 1957 be the year of revolution (a pacifist, sustainable, poverty aleviating one)
2- 1936 and the year of the successfull anarchist revolution in the city of Barcelona:
Anarchism in Spain (wiki)
The Spanish Revolution (1936)

who knows what next year will lead to...
presently there are circus occupations of Barcelona´s main square and the tearing down of squatted social centre circus and theatres:
La Makabra is being evicted!
Barcelona: 3 early morning raids on 3 squats, including MAKABRA

2008 - irish EASA and global pirate hijacking of Venice Architectural Bienalle

pirate hijacking of Venice Architectural Bienalle, plans underway and preparions being built in the pirate university which is presently based out of Barcelona, but soon to be expanded through the harambee project:

Pirate University (barcelona, but sure to quickly spread)

HARAMBEE : widening the discussion
building up the RADICAL radio network

this is just to get things going, we have not had time yet to edit and make more clear concise and easy to understand, we hope you can sift through the ideas and links, like the idea and help us, as changing the world does require a fair amount of donkey work, but it pays off: "le pur plaisur d´exister"....
so if you want to help us to...

radically change the world

so your babies babies babies....
have somewhere safe, beatiful, healthy, enjoyable to live.
please hop onboard the idea and plug into the network...

this is our pirate ship for this journey, enjoy your ride

like all these projects it is an open system, so all are welcome to participate and enjoy...

over and out, back now to the streets

messy pirate, dunk
little donkey worker clown, Asinito Mc'Asal

allez les pirates

hugo_irl, November 22, 2006 2:00:04 PM CET

Actually that was one of the major tenets of the theme Duncan: sustainability in Letterfrack as an example [or model] of how rural communities in Ireland should evolve.

Certainly it was one of the things that was dealt with to a greater or lesser degree in Ireland's 2006 Venice Biennale proposal, but it seems that we could approach it from a bottom-up perspective rather than the ubiquitous top-down approach as favoured by all the Biennale projects (I'm not having a pop at them, that was the brief they were given).

I think as well that we are looking at a broad understanding of sustainability, including sustaining elements of craftsmanship (drystone walling and currach-making in Letterfrack, for example), sociology (the role of seanachai/singing in the community, the primacy of the pub in village culture) as well as urban/rural strategies, building techniques and environmental schemes.

That was the world's longest sentence, worthy of Ronan McCann (if only there were more commas on the keyboard). We've mentioned before how Letterfrack has adapted three times over (Ellis arrival/Christian Brothers Industrial School/Furniture College), and we'll be looking at how best it can retain/sustain the elements and characteristics that make it such a sound community, whilst not limiting it to some sort of picture-postcard tourist village.

Actually, I'd be very interested in what other EASA members have to say to that, as it's certainly one of the main elements of the theme, and something that we as organisers are very interested in. So please ... make comments. Or don't, I'm not the boss of you.

andri_h, November 22, 2006 2:22:38 PM CET

fuckin hell, letterfrack is a PLACE? I thought it was just a funny name you'd come up with!

I remain, consistently, out of the loop ;)

hugo_irl, November 22, 2006 5:15:27 PM CET

The Interweb is your friend.

duncan, November 24, 2006 8:56:30 PM CET

hey hugo, nice to hear from you,
i stated earlier somewhere, "i heard you played a blinder in the thesis, fair play" out into the biger badder world now, hows tricks anway and hows dublin, miss the brace of pints up in the cobblestone. but thats what you get for packing the bags to live in barcelona for a while

anyway, glad you are looking at this critical issue and good the bottom up is being looked, id recomend highly that ye contact or hook up with the islands community gardeners and the CELT crew down in scariff, east clare. oh and also the village community, seeing as they now have planning permission to build irelands first "eco village", theres also the camphill communities dotted around the island, ballytobin near kells, and callan area in kilkenny already have a bio fuel plant on their community land, and take waste from the surrounding areas to power their entire community

Centre for Environmental Living and Training
i think they do 4 gatherings in year, they are slowly building the community you describe above in dells woods where ecotopia happened in 2002
The Weekend In The Woods - Spring 2006 Photo Report
ecotopia photoalbum

sugan chair making, dells woods

cob roundhouse in dells woods, banks of lough derg, East Clare

community gardens now in cork, belfast, dublin, scariff, gort, derry, (maybe in letterfrack after your easa?) see their links section to other gardens and lots of written stuff
maybe you might hook up with them in finblas, stoneybatter or phibsboro
Dolphin's Barn community garden under threat

part of attempt to make a cpul and greenway for dublin

irelands eco village at cloughjordan

see their Ecological Charter
which includes a lot of stuff you will be looking at


camphill ireland

video from ballytobin open day c/o revolt vid
revolt ;

im sure you'll be taking people to see newgrange, our 5000 year old clock, which talks about a more sustainable spiritual age

have fun, see yez sometime


(a pity that easa are up to their old diversion tricks again ((trade, 6 ques)) alas thats todays ark world for you)

duncan, December 1, 2006 1:47:05 PM CET

¿illegal eviction of the squat happening right now?

police arrived this morning and somehow gained entry, there are now 3 urban police vans and many big police around. People living in the squat are not being permitted to enter to collect belongings, many people have all their world in there, 1 girl was extrememly upset and arrived shouting and threathened to set herself on fire, she poured a flammable liguid over herself and tried to light a match, police ran out and knocked the matches and bottle of liquid from her hands, then 4 police restrained her against the fence. It has been claimed that these police activites are illegal, lawyers have been called and request has gone out to the barcelona okupa community for support for the pallars community.

news on imc-org also


3 part audio interview, in spanish and english, with some of the Pallars squatters
audio part 1 : (6 minutes - english)
"pallars , mondays battle to resist the false eviction"
interview with J.
audio part 2 : (22 minutes - english)
"backround to palllars squat, the legal situation, Peuble Nou: resisting speculation of @22"
interview with J. and Y.
audio part 3 : (6 minutes - english)
improving the squatter network, homeless and political

from indymedia radio thread

J´s. statement:
Hola tengo 21 años
vivo en una fabrica abandonada en el 190pallars en poblenou..en
vivo aqui desde un mes...
la semana pasadA vinieron 2 hombre dicieron que nos vayamos, esta gente
tenia ni orden judicial ni quieren identificarse de ningun manera ( UNO
DECIA Que era abogado pero no queria enseñarmeningun tipo de prueba de
pero decian que venian de la propriedad y que empiezaban las obras a
lunes y que la gente que quedaban a lunes iban a tener tener problemas
con pòlicia, comomucha gente que viven con migo no hablan español y son
extrnajeros se fueron antes de lunes algunos denosotros nos quedamos a
a lunes vienieron los 2 hombrescon 6 hombres mas a las 10 no lo hemos
abrido la puerta ,luego volvieronlos 2 hombresmas tarde , soloengaron a
hombre que vive con migo diciendo que si lo abrise llamaran a
lapolicia,les abrio, y luego telefonoa los obreros de construciuon para
entrar,mientras tanto volvi, cuando mke entere dijo a la gente que
que migo queal nivel legal este gente no podian llamar la policia y que
tienan que irse, los 2 hombres intentaron abrir lapuerta desde a dentro
intentaron romper la puerta mientras los 6 hombres volviero

duncan, February 9, 2007 8:27:14 PM CET

Can we win? What sort of world will that look like?

After some interesting discussion here (0) on this feature its gone all quite again, right when we were getting somewhere. I wonder what others views are about what Liz and myself put up, apart from it being "old hat". Is it a case of sitting back and saying "oh well, we tried, but we were never going to win.....", which is part of what Micheal Albert criticised greatly. Or is it that its easy to be against but a bit more difficult to be for something? As stated I believe this is exactly the stumbling block of the ANTI-capitalist movement(s): we are not dreaming enough of those alternatives and then attempting to create them, maybe Im wrong, if so please show us or tell us about them.

One example of being for something and working to make the idea a reality...

Really imagining life in a post capitalist world: This is the general form a sustainable society must take whether we like it or not!

Id like to direct you to an excellent essay I came across recently, while spending time in an eco-village in Torri, outside Ventimiglia, Western Italia. The essay was found in the intentional communities international directory (1). and is entitled "THE SIGNIFICANCE OF THE GLOBAL ECOVILLAGE MOVEMENT " (2), in it Ted Trainer what a sustainable society would look like: economics, less production, more decentralised self organisation, fixing stuff, less roads and more food production, permaculture.......

here are a selection of the bits I felt were the most important

I have no hesitation in claiming that the fate of the planet depends on those who are pioneering the transition to The Simpler Way.

put most of our energy into developing and demonstrating alternative lifestyles, settlements and systems, so that when consumer society runs into really serious problems people will be able to see that there is another way, one that is more sane, workable, attractive, just and ecologically sustainable.

We are too relaxed and we are too polite! We should be going out to the mainstream asserting that its ways are catastrophically mistaken, that they are destroying the ecosystems of the planet and impacting severely on the lives of billions of Third World people, that the global economy is outrageously unjust, and that a satisfactory world order cannot be built unless there is transition to The Simpler Way. At present we are not asserting these points loudly enough, consumer society does not understand its need to change, and it does not see us as showing the way to a sane and just world order.

Present system is unsustainable and that we have to create new ways of living ecologically....
As an example of being for stufff and attempting to do something about, I will recount some of the stuff I was involved with in Ireland, where it is now, how it got there and what I learned from it: direct action and attempts to organise for a greener more sustainable city.
Perhaps this is a response to "Some of the babyboomer '60s radicals became peasant organic farmers in the Scottish highlands, the Welsh mountains or West Cork-Kerry. Hope they lived happily ever after.."

So from that Id like to talk about what we tried in Dublin and finish with some of my reflection, having left a bit frustrated to Barcelona where things seem a bit healthier.

our proposal: Can Dublin become a more sustainable city?
We proposed an idea of making a greenway, the botanic spine (3) (a non-motorised bike path, a quiet green route through the city) and proposed that this 18km loop also be a CPUL. (continous productive urban landscape: which means loads of nodal points of food production sparking more food production in cities)
We picked up a film from Cuba about another example of a way cities can become sustainable, this was from a practical reason: they experienced a peak oil crisis of sorts and had to develop a more sustainable food production method, this model is what gave rise to the CPUL model. "The power of community, how Cuba survived peak oil" is the film. (4)

our action: bikes and gardens
started doing cycles and connecting up with bike groups, residents groups, political activists to invite them to participate. Some did and for a while we were having nice social occasions while pushing this idea: trying to turn it into a reality. At the same time we were proposing the idea to the heritage council and the city council, who are the "officials" in charge of making these sort of things happen. Needless to say we got no support from them, and at one point I was roared at down the phone by the main organiser of the DTO sponsored Velo City bikes in cities festival which happened in Dublin, because we had not gone through the official channels and were not a certain type of bike enthuasiest. (5)

We helped set up 2 community gardens on the proposed CPUL: Dolphins barn community garden (6) and the "cursed Earth"(7) garden in Phibsborogh. The first one was a great project which grew from strength to strength until the factory owner pulled the plug on it, but the collective moved out to Finglas and now there is talk of moving back into the city centre and Dolphins Barn, this time 200 metres down the canal at Sallys Bridge. This project was open to all and the group publicised what they were doing in exhibitions, on local radio, on indymedia, and then got coverage in the mainstream media. very few of Dublins "activist" community actually participated in the garden, some did but this was a very small percentage. I had expected a lot more "activists" to participate before things took off, as it was a perfect project to move from political theorising to direct action and plugging into community that could still do with more projects like this. Anyway the garden crew got to know each other and soon it was taken over by the people doing it. Regular times and a website and active mailing list were essential in this project taking off.

The cursed earth garden was a more punky "activist" garden, which had some "others" participating but a very chaotic system of people turning up and doing things made it hard for the others to participate. As far as I know the garden is not being used now, I hope im wrong. Ive asked but heard nothing.

Im just posting this up in attempt to further get this discussion growing and ideally more of you out digging with the gardeners. Its the basis for all, for many it is revolution in action, in all those years since there has been a lot of talk, but as trainer says: "We are too relaxed and we are too polite", i take that as we do really need to shift the playing field. In talking with people still in Dublin and Ireland and others like myself who have left Im putting out a common feeling thats held, especially about Dublin: "Fuck all gets done there, theres still too much negativity and lack of giving things a go. Theres too much shite, talk-talk-talk, not enough laughing and acting the bolix, are we a community?
Maybe its because the Dublin "activist world" is so small? But if this is the case what is being done to counter that, I ask this now that you have a social centre in Dublin...but still we hear nothing from that or see photos..." Im sorry if im being negative, im trying to make constructive criticism.....(8)

I await responses................................

just had a lovely chat there with the person next to me here, about life, love, revolution, smiling, working from the inside out.......
its a whole other angle, i didnt go into: spiritual ecological revolution(9) and living(10) have been previous attempts to address it...??
its really hard to put into words...................all in good time?

(0) Whatever Happened to Anti-Capitalism?
Can we win? What sort of world will that look like?

(1) intentional communities international directory :

Ted Trainer, University of N.S.W., Australia.

(3) the botanic spine : dublin greenway
Dublin : first Greenway cycle of 2006

(4) "The Power of Community – How Cuba Survived Peak Oil," -

Cuba & Peak Oil Film Shown In Dingle

(5) Velo City

(6) Dolphins barn community garden
Dolphin's Barn community garden under threat
-Ruth gives a history of the garden 8mins -
-Mixing the muck 7.5 mins -

(7) "Cursed Earth" garden in Phibsborogh.

(8) lack of give it a go in Dublin ....
global indymedia network project for world social forum in jan 2004

"indymedia irelands first live stream"

(9) spiritual ecological revolution

(10) living

a little blob in a very strange thing which enables many things including spiritual revoltution and smiling

there was a garden, it went away for a while, its coming back soon, maybe there will be more mucky hands...

duncan, May 3, 2007 9:19:58 PM CEST

heres a little news from Barcelona and a great space down in Barceloneta that i frequent and where some of my friens live...They are a bit sad about the fact that their home that they love will probably be torn down next week, if you feel like sending a funny postcard i think that would help a lot....regards from BCN....Adieu....Dunk

We are thousands : Somos 1000´s
Barcelona and the ongoing attack against its squatted social centres

One of the strongest squats in Barcelona is facing eviction and using creativity as a tool of resistance. Miles de Viviendas resists and hopefully wider support can come....

Barcelona has had a long history of self organisation, anarchism in action, bloody battles and for nearly a year from july 19th 1936 to this week 70 years ago it was a model of a city living a successful active anarchist revolution (0). For many still around the world it is a model, both in those days during the spanish civil war and also today due to the fact that it still is an amazing space of creativity, organisation, and positive direct action. Fascism existed here from the bloody end of the civil war in 1939 to the death of Franco in 1975 and in the last 2 decades it has been somehwere with a huge number of squats opening up, many of which became social centres, places that offer as spaces for organisation, socializing, organisation, experimentation, for the growing body of the social movements, both locally in Barcelona and further afield in the wider world.

In the last few years there has been a huge and ever increasing rise in the evictions of squats in the city, especially the vibrant social centres that act as open spaces to demonstrate alternatives to the current economic model that is being pushed here, and elsewhere around the world. Last week one of the most active, Miles de Viviendas (thousands of homes) got word that they were facing eviction and a quick call out went around. What followed has been an explosion of activity outside the front door of this 6 story squatted ex police barracks in the heart of Barcelonetta, the village like seaside part of Barcelona.

Along with the pirate university (1) which they have set up and are trying to spread further afield, this group of self proclaimed pirates recently set up a pirate TV station in the neighbourhood. Before this they had been busy recording material and having it played in local bars and the like. They have also been a very important point of meeting, organisation, media creation, action from for the local neighbourhood who are resisting the councils plans at gentrification by banging pots and holding their own discussions about what type of Barri they want: Barceloneta Es Rebela (2)

By calling to people to come, make and do, or simply to be, both outside the front door of the house or inside in the front room, they have demonstrated just how vibrant a space can be. Each night there have been parties, film screenings, theatre and circus shows, music gigs and by day there has been on street workshops : kids art zone on the street, clothes making, free shop, new urban garden. These activities have been participated in or attended by both people from both the "activist" community and the local community: a fine example of how a central activist space is not purely a "political ghetto". On that note I watched an excellent film in there on Mayday recently made by some of the group who are connected with Brazil's Landless Workers Movement, Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra (MST) À Margem do Concreto (at the margins of the concrete) (3) : 5 busloads of men, women and children storming and taking derelict 13 floor hotels, being fought by bomb throwing cops and a legend aul lad who when sent to prison had succeeded in having the whole prison boycotting coca cola within 3 days....

Some people here claim that in the first few months of 2007 there were more evictions of squats in Barcelona than in the previous 2 years together, with many targeted spaces being highly active and organised social centres which serves as nucleuii for local organisation and action as well as being spaces that simply demonstrate alternatives to an ever increasing crazy world of consumption, no freetime, spending, unhappiness. Here in Miles, as stated by @ above, they demonstrate by doing. Whether or not the above figure is accurate it is clear here from speaking with people that there is a clearing of these hubs of resistance, the social centres, as well as the okupas that are simply used as living spaces, which is a political act in itself. But the thing that I have found with this ever growing "war against okupas" if you like, is that the attitude to evictions is "uno deselojo, otre occupacion" (one eviction, another occupation) but it is becoming increasingly difficult to simply open more spaces and recently the authorities have changed their mechanism of working the law without changing the laws themselves whereby a newly opened squat can be evicted within a week by the "deselojo express", whereas in the past once the legal process was begun it could take weeks, months, years to get resolved during which time the occupied space grows and becomes active and for a short while is yet another node in the network here. But with the new mechanisms there does not seem to be an equal response from the okupa movement. When I reported last about the Makabra eviction (4) I included in the title, as noticed and commented on by Iosaf : ¿what reaction will follow? I expected that there would be some a lot of actions on the streets both here and boyond by those who support the squats and try to make it increasingly difficult for these evictions to happen without some form of reaction. I say this having talked with many people in Ireland who did "stuff" to offer support and solidarity to their friends in the Danish squat of Ungdomshuset (5) and also having been at the PGA (peoples global action) assembly in Toulouse, one of the 5 decentralised meetings which focused on "urbanism, squatting and access to the land", which disapointingly had no representatives from Barcelona. (6) In the case of Makabra they successfully played a media game and then organised a great occupation of Can Ricart, which got UN housing directors backing, only to be evicted by Mr Ricart and now that collective has, it seems, fallen to pieces, some here, some there, but no more circus, clowning, actions, occupations....perhaps they have another trick up their sleeve? I dont think so though, I think they are tired. But should there be, or could there be a more active, confrontational,
more hassle for the authorities, type of response... RTS´s, road blocks... who knows?

And just a last word or 2 about the social centres and all that, having been part of the Dublin collective for a year or 2 just before they moved into the river facing site: The social centre scene here is amazing, there is so much on, always a choice of activity: music gig, film, cheap food, workshop, library, free bike workshop, gym, climbing walls, free net, free shop..... the list is endless. Some social centres are not squatted but rented spaces, but many are squatted. Some squats are ghettos, non spanish speaking people with little or no wish or real connection to their local community, but others strive for that interaction and from that become supported and fought for by the community due to the projects that have grown from the squat or centre. In terms of organisation, there is the INFO USURPA (7), which is a 3 a3 page vertical weekly callender which lists all the present social centres of the city and its environs, currently about 40, and lists the activities of the week. Most centres print this or pick it up from a centre of distribution in the city along with the weeks other flyers, posters etc and they paste them to the wall of their centre. An easy way to find out whats on. Along with this there are about 4 radio stations and a whole load of papers and zines that keep people up to date about things. There is also a okupa office that offers practical support to people looking to squat, caught up in legal difficulties, seeking advice or info etc, this happens in Ruinamelia okupa. Theres still much to learn from these centres and much more boundries to be pushed or erased. But for the time being thoughts and energies are with the Miles pirates, on this rainy day.

So what can you do?
Currently they have hung washing lines outside the building, you can see the knickers that Emily has hung with the freshly sprayed "somos 1000´s". Part of the reason for this is that it recently became illegal to hang your washing outside the windows, under the new law Civilsme, or Cynicisme, as its commonly referred to here. They are making knickers type banners and giving them out to their friends in the community. Perhaps Dublins social centre, Seomra Spraoi (room of play) which too has got its marching orders, (8) might hang a knickers banner in solidarity with its brothers and sisters in Barcelona.

Perhaps also people might send postcards in solidarity to the pirates of Miles, we could make a nice postcard line to accompany the knickers, and I bet they´d appreciate the thought and little action.

Miles De Viviendas
Av Joan de Borbo 11

Allez les pirates


Miles website
IMC-IE article

(0) anarchist revolution of 1936 in Barcelona
Images from the Spanish Revolution (1936)
Anarchist Film Screening : Ethel Macdonald: An Anarchist's Story (upcoming in ireland)

(1) pirate university

(2) Barceloneta Es Rebela

(3) À Margem do Concreto (at the margins of the concrete)

(4) Makabra eviction: Barcelona: 3 early morning raids on 3 squats, including MAKABRA, ¿what reaction will follow?
A little piece of magic; toward a truly participative architecture (the art of occupation)

(5) Ungdomshuset
Police Evict Danish Youth Social Center, Sparking International Protests
Women's Day and Ungdomshuset.
Has Ungdomshuset Reached The End Of Its Road? (IMC-IE feature)

(6) PGA (peoples global action) "urbanism, squatting and access to the land"
also on IMC-RADIO, currently down
Cities, radical urbanism, sqatting, social centres
PGA at toulouse -


(8) Seomra Spraoi (room of play)
Desperately seeking space: Seomra Spraoi needs a new home
Seomra Spraoi public meeting, slideshow, free homemade popcorn...
and recent event / exhibition / action they were in: "out of the ghetto"
Hotel Ballymun - Uplifting Art or Poverty Tourism?

and lastly

where to from here...

possibly a

Bienele pirate hijacking

...........allez les pirates..................


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questions about this site: mail markoor johannes Organisation 2011: Spain official easa 2011 19.03.2011 National Contacts AlbaniaKlejdi...
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Dear easians, We have recently announced the selected workshops for easa011 on Congratulations to all selected tutors! See you...
by franjrp @ 2/25/11 11:24 PM

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