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hey everyone!

we have just returned from incm010 in cph and we had the chance to present some memories from we want to thank the danish organizers for the support and for the great INCM in copenhagen! thanks a lot!

--->INCM009.li_memories: (will be working on getting it online in germany asap, at the moment its blocked-->sorry germany, otherwise we have to find a new song, but as the proportionateness of our usage is understandable:-> we hope we can keep it)

Additional Info:

Final report: If your adress has changed since INCM009, pls write as an email, so we can send the Final Report to the right adress-its not finished yet, but untill we get all adresses, it might be:) and we hope that the new NCs filled in their adress into the new NC List during INCM010 cph? if not: no problem: write us an email. (we will also write an email later for all those who dont check the blog! keep the blog alive, tho)

Travel-expenses: Also if u need/want your travel-expenses back, write us, and tell us how much u ll get from us including your bank details, after we check your resets, we can transfer the money. if there are countries that want to donate their travel-expenses to EASA Spain? we find that a VERY good idea, but contact us as well, same way, so we can sort that out.

much love


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easa 2012

Just heard (double checked): FINLAND will host easa 012! Congratulations!

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The easa website is dead. Long live the easa website!!!!!

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dragodid @ easa 2002 senses

remember the photo of danish students who were cutting off the head of the chicken? at the 2002 vis senses final presentation, dragodid workshop.. that one really awoke the sleepy audience!


in the meantime, we continued to study the traditional low tech way of building with stone.

this year we organized a workshop for the students of architecture, ethnology and landscape architecture at petrebisca, ucka nature park.

maybe in years to come we could do some international one via easa network..



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hello you all. i am so ready for copenhagen, but before that, here the wo!video from EASA010 in wo!manchester!

Thanks to all for creating/making this movie: thanks to team and the ETH dep. of Architecture for the support. also a big thanks to our wo!participants, and thanks to all EASA PPL who! were giving answers to us and thanks for being just soso adorable.

<3 yvy/oli the wo!manchester tutors

ps: dont forget to link your EASAvideos with the EASAvideo-group on youtube, so we can kind of keep track and still not have to much of a structure. if it only would be easier to upload a video to this group, that be perfect then:

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hey! is anyone going to Wold Architecture Festival (WAF) in Barcelona before incm????

see u in cph soooooooon :):) elaine xxxxxx

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industrial wastelands

this was a message i actually spammed a selected few on facebook with, but i decided to share it with you all (including the brilliant responses i got):

hi there,

i'm monica, you might remember me from events such as "easa007", "easa008", "easa strikes back", and "ack! i spend every damn summer at easa"..

so instead of asking you all to post your bra colours and what not (although i might :D ), i am hoping to conduct a little collective brainstorm experiment here:

there's a picture attached of an abandoned communist steel work somewhere in transylvania (also known as the eastern block, or -that- part of romania), and there's plenty where this one came from.. i have some things hovering in my head, like 'industrial dystopia', post-apocalyptic wasteland, rust, aging concrete and similar bs.. but i'm wondering if i'm missing something here, so whatever comes to mind, feel free to share.

there might even be a project somewhere in this, but for now i'm just looking for hints on literature, films, aaany kind of stuff you associate with this.

thanks a bunch for just reading this, i promise to not kidnap any kittens this week :o

warmest wishes, xoxo

Demetra October 17 at 8:41pm

ok i saw the photo. t be accurate, i think dystopia is not the word to use about these things. because it means actually a non-existing bad world, the contrary of utopia. So we can say that for example economic crisis might be a dystopia created by the mass media.

I would describe such places, in addition to traffic complexes, underground, unused buildings, deserted courtyards, as "urban voids". This is not of course my copyrighted idea or creation, a lot of people have spoken about such things, but i do not recall any english language source. maybe google search and search and search.

In general urban voids are places - "topoi" in greek as from dystopia!- where the urban tissue is somehow disrupted because of a complex misusing or not-using. They become places with no or problematic life.

Usually they carry memories [we can actually say that all places carry memories for they have history] more significans as -here- industrial history. They become carriers of this history, of this memory and their presence works as a "mnemosynon" for not having the "lethe". More about this part on a pdf file i found in english called "T01 essay Lethe and Mnemosyne.pdf" google search it or else i can send you an e mail. And a gain i have some more greek stuff but they cant be read by you i guess..

The point is what NOW? how do we interfere with such places..? should we keep them as monuments, should we erase them, and well, does all history needs to be preserved and if so, in which way? because "monuments" are in part something not really useful, they do not have "life" inside them.. They have exactly as they are named a "monumental" character. DOnottouch. Also morphology, in case of preservation, how can this be done in morphology? There is what we could call the "charm" of the old things, the "charm" of the decay, [which between us i think is your case Monica!], but is it really true, or is it just a fantasy?

Phew, thats for now, spare thoughts, if i figure more out, i ll send again! Just goooooogle and wiki, sometimes it works!

Monica October 17 at 9:05pm

brilliant response! and also a good point made, whether these sites are to be preserved, destroyed completely, or rebuit in order to regain function/use/usefulness. i was thinking in terms as dystopic partly because these images often appear in films and video games about a distant horrific future where the site's inhabitants need to live with and amongst those monuments (as you very accurately put it). also, considering the post-oil or apocalyptic doomsday/cyberpunk stories that have always been popular, i associated these wastelands with a possible setting for these scenarios.. but the topic that interested me most you already mentioned: the 'charm' of decay (or lack thereof).. the project i would associate with this would be something a teacher at the uni called "material house" where you use a building to explore certain characteristics of a chosen material; in my case, i wouldn't use a single material to build with, but rather the ways materials interact and age, and how legitimate it would be to let this happen. maaaybe in a site like these, don't know yet. the aesthetics of decay... i bet any 80s art student would roll his/her eyes, but it's a topic that keeps giving (since everything is kinda shitty these days anyway) cheers! and thanks again!

ps. sorry for spamming the others :">

Yvy October 17 at 9:08pm

Futuristic Ghost Town in Taiwan.. - Urban Atrophy Forums Futuristic Ghost Town in Taiwan.. Urban Exploring

copyright igloo media

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war museum

hello I am A bachelor of Architecture student in fourth year,Pune India can anyone help on the topic "WAR MUSEUM" it include a study of war museums around the world built in last 15years

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