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Workshops to be staged at EASA 2008

Dermot Ryan (IRL)
Construction and research workshop exploring the use of straw-bale construction techniques.
15 participants

Designing the Inevitable
Sasa Grujic (SLO)
Jerica Živa Puterle (SLO)
Exploration of weaving techiques and craft – a continuation of the Sophia Sturge’s basket-making tradition in Letterfrack.
10 participants

Steffen Impgaard Pedersen (DK)
Rune Boserup Jacobsen (DK)
An investigation of natural and artificial light through installations in the Connemara landscape.
15 participants

Light & Space
Sándor Lilienberg (HU)
Dániel Dömölky (HU)
András Csiszér (HU)
Exploration of light and space, with lectures, model-making, digital modeling and photography exercises.
10 participants

Small Interventions
Arvid Wölfel (DE)
Design and one-to-one realisation of small but useful interventions that will address the context and benefit the community.
15 participants

Make your adaptor
Héloise Cousin (FR)
Julie Bart (FR)
Adaptors (XS structures) made during the workshop will reveal spatial potential, recreate and regenerate space, instigate events, fill voids, and help the large assembly of students adapt to their context.
15 participants

Nomadic Instamatic
Paul Farrell (UK)
Georg-Christoph Holz (DE)
Exploring the nomad as an architectural methodology, participants will design and build a component system for flexible, interactive, fun and beautiful structures.
10 participants

Jurriën van Duijkeren (NL)
Inara Nevskaya (RU)
The adaptation of local patterns into contemporary architectural solutions concluding in the construction of a 2.5d installation.
10 participants

Lunch Box
Ronan Costello (IRL)
Joe Mc Mahon (IRL)
Dermot Reynolds (IRL)
Design and construction of an outdoor pavilion for the students of Letterfrack Furniture College
20 participants

Green Room
Competition Winners
EASA Ireland
Design and construction of a mobile pavilion to educate the young on matters of sustainable construction and design.
20 participants

Gizem Candemir (TR)
Christopher Maloney (UK)
Dijana Omeragic (MK)
Construction of a pavilion inspired by the writings of Franz Kafka. Spatial, acoustic, visual and tactile sensation will disorientate the user.
20 participants

Alper Derinbogaz (TR)
Frederik De Smedt (BEL)
Nil Aynali (TR)
Design and construction of sauna and plunde pool with integrated environmental technologies.
20 participants

Luka Kukric (BiH)
Milan Blagojevic (BiH)
Exploration of traditional construction techniques followed by design and construction of a herb-graden and drying hut for the Letterfrack community.
20 participants

Too Cool for Stool
Mirjana Uzunovic (SER)
Aleksandar Popovic (SER)
Investigation of a traditional stool and it’s fabrication followed by design and realisation of a number of furniture pieces.
15 participants

Flux Culture
EASA Ireland
A seminar/thinktank/workshop addressing the effects of migration on the built environment of Europe. It is intended to develop new maps, uncover new layers of the city and investigate new architectural typologies.
26 participants

Anna Sochocka (PL)
Michał Golanski (PL)
Justyna Juchimiuk (PL)
Research workshop exploring festivals, temporary architecture and the methods by which it can transform a rural context.
10 participants

Adopting Green
Iva Marcetic (HRV)
Pavle Stramenovic (SER)
Ivan Grcic (SER)
Research workshop where participants will explore the effects of diverse scales and scenarios on a rural village such as Letterfrack.
10 participants

Architectural Answers to the Digital Revolution
Luis Hilti (LI)
Research workshop addressing the digitalisation of our world and in particular the architectural profession - exploring both the potential and the pitfalls.
10 participants

Åshild Aagren (FI)
Noora Aaltonen (FI)
Inari Virkkala (FI)
A workshop that seeks to address humanitarian issues through architecture, producing an exhibition, documentation or any plausible media that will raise awareness of critical issues.
10 participants

Material Adaptable Jouer
Filippo Lodi (IT)
Kyriakos Chatzyparaskevas (GR)
Michele Albanelli (IT)
Investigation of materials, geometry and forms through digital and physical experimentation.
6 participants

Yelta Köm (TR)
Zeynep Hazar Arasan (TR)
Doruk Çiftçi (TR)
An investigation of exaptation in design. (exaptation: ‘an unlooked for side effect of evolved behaviors.’)
6 participants

Extended me
Emilie Bergrem (NO)
Tine Bernstorff Aagaard (DK)
An exploration the very basic relation between body and space, challenging conventional beliefs of how the surroundings adapt to the body and vice versa.
8 participants

Umbrella (Print/Radio/EASA TV)
Kotryna Sokolovaite (LT)
Alkistis Thomidou (GR)
Marten Dashorst (NL)
The publication and recording of the events of the easa assembly through print, video and audio. This year the three media will integrate allowing participants explore the different platforms and opportunities between.
12 participants

Gary Gallagher (IRL)
John Murray (IRL)
Workshop exploring digital film-making, including the input of professionals from the digital filmmaking industry. The workshop will produce extensive video documentation of the assembly.
10 participants

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