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EASA Ireland 2008 May Newsletter

Circus Masters Hugo &
Conor announce this year's sleeping arrangements.

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Notes from the

Seeing footage of the burning TU Delft puts several issues besetting the organizing team into context. It’s difficult to fully comprehend the scale of the loss; think of how frustrating it is to lose a drawing or render that you’ve been working on for a couple of days, then imagine how it is for all the people currently studying who have lost their thesis or final project, people down the years who have lost their entire portfolio and all their models – then think how much work and effort goes in every year, all now lost. An entire library destroyed. Studios gutted. History lost. Our commiserations go out to all those attending or who attended Delft: thankfully, there has been no loss of life or injury, but it is still a disastrous loss


Looking back at the wonderful time we had in Motovun November last, I specifically remember a discussion we had over a cup of coffee at the back of a small smoke-filled dark café built into the ancient walls of this magnificent medieval town. A question was posed, to which everyone had a distinctly unique answer. The question, quite simple really, what is EASA?


I would like to take this opportunity, as EASA Ireland 2008 fast approaches, to ignite interest again into EASA as a functioning active network of architecture students from every corner of Europe and even farther a field. While the collective activities during the assembly are paramount, another vitally important aspect of EASA is the collective ability of the EASA network to improve itself as a network and push the boundaries of what is possible for it to achieve. One of many astounding things about EASA is the ability to congregate such a diverse body of people – this year over 50 nationalities – to work together, share experiences, and in the process making a hugely positive contribution to architectural thinking and also the community EASA finds itself plunged into for the duration of the Assembly.


The importance of EASA’s representation to the outside world is one issue that continues to be an integral thread in keeping the network alive and kicking. That’s why we urge important projects such as the Archive project – now running since 2005 – to complete its duty and do this wonderful community, this compilation of experiences, and this immense history of EASA the respect it deserves. EASA deserves the respect of its rightful representation to the wider public, but most importantly, to the EASA participants; past, present and future, those who make EASA such a unique and magnificent experience each year.

It is this great, unique experience that makes each year’s organisers and participants question themselves on just what exactly is EASA? And it is the interpretation of this question that sustains the very existence of EASA, what makes EASA evolve and constantly adapt to the environments that it finds itself in each year. This is what makes EASA happen year on year, since the whole EASA experience was first created and remembered back in Liverpool in 1981.
Remember, for all your posts, questions, and comments, the easa blog is at
Free Visas announced for all participants of EASA Ireland 2008

The Irish Dept. of Foreign Affairs have agreed to grant free visas to our guests attending easa008!

Not only will this be of financial benefit to our guests but the accompanying support of the Dept. will be very useful should any problems arise. More detailed information is available in the participate section of our website here >
Any questions/queries to sean.feeney (at) easa008 (dot) ie
Return Transport Arrangements from Letterfrack
We will be facilitating return transport out of Letterfrack on Saturday and Sunday 24th & 25th of August but not paying for it so please bear this in mind when budgeting for this year's EASA.

There is currently one private bus that we will arrange to travel all the way to Dublin Airport direct, however a time, day and price for this bus has yet to be decided. This is dependant on participant's travel arrangements and will be arranged at a later date.


Citylink (twice daily on Fri, Sun, & Mon) and Bus Eireann (except Sundays) each have a daily service out of Letterfrack for aroun €10. They also operate a slightly more frequent service from Clifden. Transport from Letterfrack to Clifden can also be facilitated by the EASA Ireland 2008 organisation team.


We also plan on arranging private mini-buses to Galway and we expect the price for these seats to be in the region of €10-€15. In Galway, one can get the train to dublin (€24, no student fares applicable), or several frequent bus services; either the national bus service, Bus Eireann (€12.20 with ISIC student card, €13.10 without), or private bus companies Nestor Link (€15), & Citylink (€19), both of which travel directly from Galway to Dublin Airport for those prices. Citylink also operates a service to Shannon Airport for €16. Bus Eireann also have a service from Galway to Ireland West airport in Knock. Please refer to the websites for the best service that suits your flight times and your pocket and get back to us closer to the event to inform us on how we can facilitate your timely transfer from Letterfrack to Galway.


Please bear in mind, travel time from Dublin's main train and bus stations can take from 30 mins to 1 hour by bus on route 747 & 748. The 746 (all these services are €6 euros one-way) serves O'Connell St. and then there is the 16A which takes longer again, but is cheaper (€2) as it is the local service. The aircoach is a frequent private service that stops at several spots in the city centre (€12 euros return).


We will be supplying transport details for arriving in Dublin in the July newsletter.


As regards Hitchhiking, it is not common practice in Ireland, however one or two people still can expect to get a lift in and around Letterfrack into Galway, just be prepared to wait. I wouldn't be hopeful about getting a lift all the way to Dublin as you are not allowed hitchhike on the Motorway.

Also please note, EASA Ireland accepts no responsibility for people's transport away from Letterfrack, however we will facilitate you as best we can.

National Evening(s)
Looking back through the years, the EASA Ireland 2008 organising team have decided to revive an old National Evening format used in easa003 in Denmark and easa004 in Lille. This format involves having several National Evenings, as opposed to one giant blow-out. This allows nationalities more time to truly represent their traditions and culture. We would encourage National Contacts to start thinking about how best to represent your country, and to communicate with your fellow NC's in your country's region. In the past, National Evenings have included; traditional dress, food, drinks, and also traditional games, dance and music has been showcased. Video presentations and also even presentations on the country's architecture have been given in the past. Please contact team(at)easa008(dot).ie if you have any questions or queries.
Please find below a suggested outline for this year's National Evenings.
  • Saturday 16th – Scandinavia + Central Europe
  • Monday 18th – Ireland + UK (Scotland, Wales, and England if possible) + Balkans
  • Tuesday 19th – Eastern Europe + Caucuses
  • Wednesday 20th – Italian (easa009 presentation) + Mediterranean Night
And finally, good luck to all nations participanting in this years Eurovision in Serbia, hopefully dustin the turkey (IRL) won't win it for us! Sébastian Tellier (FR) is my favourite for the Alustrious Eurovision crown, allez les blues!


JDS architects | Architecture 53seven
Recognised as one of the 40 most important architects under 40, and winner of the 2002 young architect of the year, Danish architects, Julien deSmedt Architects will be presenting recent projects at this year's Assembly. Partner with Julien, and DIT graduate of 2007, Andrew Griffen will give a critique on current Irish architecture and also a presentation on some of the International projects he worked on in JDS, including several projects in Ireland.
Andrew Griffen discussing a project with Mr. Cecil Balmond,deputy chairman of Ove Arup & Partners
Principle Architect, Jason O'Shaughnessy of Portlaoise-based architecture practice Architecture53seven will present recent works that have won the practice critical acclaim both within Ireland and abroad for their daring designs and exceptional use of modern materials. His work challenges the current standing of modern architecture in rural and small town Ireland.

EASA Ireland
would like to thank our sponsors and all those helping to realise the
EASA008 Summer Assembly;
have received this newsletter from EASA Ireland 2008
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