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eco city banjaluka

eco city banja luka

"eco city project – banja luka" could and indeed should become the most exciting global architectural project, an example of a new direction in a new age. if it gathers sufficient momentum, it will happen. its up to us to make that momentum

the worlds population is moving into the urban, sustainable city living is the problem we as designers must create the solutions for. This project is attempting to face this challenge.

Personally I think today’s architectural vision is lost, this is exactly the thing architecture and indeed the world needs. Placing it in the Balkans is the most appropriate position for it due to recent wars.

ecotopia happened in Ireland last summer, hopefully it will happen in banja luka sometime soon, sustainable living can happen out in the woods but we have to make it happen in our urban world is the website of the eco city banjaluka group is the main COMMUNICATION SPACE for this project, anyone can contribute to it, so it will grow as the project itself does. See the latest on what’s going on, contribute your input and help make this idea of ECO CITY a reality

below are links to the wider global discussion about this project

indymedia ORAISTE Archeire Sustainable Ireland Eco city forum curitiba

make the world a better place...please do

Eko grad banjaluka

Projekat Banjaluka Eko Grad mogao bi i uistinu bi trebao postati najinteresantniji arhitektonski projekat globalno, primjer novog pravca u novom dobu. Ukoliko dobije odgovarajuæi znaèaj, to æe se i dogoditi, na nama je da to omoguæimo.

Svjetska populacija migrira ka gradovima, problem održivog razvoja i života grada je problem za koje mi planeri moramo naæi rješenje. Ovaj projekat je jedan od naèina da se suoèimo sa ovim izazovom.

Danas kada je arhitektonska vizija nedovoljno jasna , to je ono što arhitektura i svijet zaista trebaju. Realizacija ove ideje na Balkanu možda je pravi izbor, s obzirom na protekli rat.

Ekotopija je projekat koji je realizovan u Irskoj prošlo ljeto, a koji je pokazao kako princip održivog razvoja funkcioniše u prirodi, i kako princip iznaæi i u urbanoj sredini. je web stranica Eco City Group is je glavni prostor za komunikaciju ovog projekta, svako se može ukljuèiti.Budite u toku posljednjih dešavanja, dajte svoj doprinos i pomozite u ostvarenju ideje EKO GRADA.

Dole i navedeni linkovi su veza sa forum prostorom i projektima na ovu temu na globalnom nivou.

indymedia ORAISTE Archeire Sustainable Ireland Eco city forum curitiba

uèinimo svijet boljim mjestom za život, …

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