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the roubaix tapestry

never mind the bayeaux tapestry heres the roubaix tapestry or the beginings of it at least

@ 3 days ago abdal, riad, fabriz, giay and @ 4 other kids from dehors (outside) la condition publique entered into the buildings public street and together with EASA people the roubaix tapestry was started

as tutor of the "wandering workshop" i felt this was one of the most important workshops to happen, having talked considerably with laurent, manu, monsieur albatros and the team francais giant, i gathered that C;P hoped that we, EASA, might be able to make something magic happen, that perhaps we could make very direct strong connections with the buildings surroundings and with that create a situation whereby the people started to interact and use the building more, in time it would become their playspace.

roubaix, cette chose etranger peut etre serai une des choses plus interessant dans tous la monde, cest pour vous et votre endroit, roubaix; this strange thing could be one of the most interesting things in all the world, its for you and your area

above is what i wrote on my second evening here at the condition publiaue; i had hoped EASA would really interact with the city and the people, some workshops did but i think overall it is a bit disapointing, maybe easa and architecture will always only be a playground?

anyway we in wandering workshop tried our best...

but due to a petit incident the workshop was interupted i will be coming back in septe,ber to finsih, or at least continue where i left off this time.......

beidh me arais inshallah

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