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After more than one year´s work we have almost finished the Arkforum project (We must resolve small details during this next weeks). We would have liked to report during the process, but the process has been unstable and many times in jeopardy by technical and support problems. Easa Spain believes it better to focus our effort in this process rather than dedicating it in organizing some easa event, and this is the result.

Arkforum was born with a clear and intuitive scheme intending to make this new tool improve and expand the EASA horizons. The presence of CLEA and similar organizations in the future will enrich us mutually. Sharing a space while maintaining our independence will facilitate the communication and the exchange

The website is organized in such a way that can be easily updated from any computer with basic knowledge. The idea is, and thus will be suggested during the INCM, to establish an international cooperation for the maintenance and updating of the website contents. This way during two years sections of both organizations will work together (Nederland – Chile, México-Croatia…). Untill INCM 2005; Easa Spain will take care of the updating and the optimization of the website. Also it will be necessary to establish some moderators for the forum (I propose those of the weblog). Ester will be in charge of working out any problems or doubts you might face.

My relation with Easa finishes here; I hope to see you again some day. Take care & Enjoy Belgrade. Now is your turn…

Ciao | Noel | Former Spanish NC

P.d: Any criticism or comment will be very useful. To send news, projects, library info or any information for the website, send it to, also you can add links and downloads directly from the website

P.d: to go directly to the EASA Forum

P.d: Help us to diffuse the website; Download, print and hang this poster in your school or university:

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hello people, I am not sure if this is still the place to be for leaving messages and stuff or that...
by jelkkruk @ 11/2/12, 7:07 PM

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Zurich, 16 February 2012. trans is a semi-annual professional journal of the Department of Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute...
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Hey! I'm looking for Ben from Slovenia who's participated in easas around 2005-2007. Also if you know any other cool Slovenian architects? Many...
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hello everyone. here the news from cadiz: tumblr. :​m twitter: or FB-Fanpage: ............... issue 1-13 EL PARASOL ISSUE UNO : EL PARASOL ISSUE...
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Hello Everyone I havn't appeared here ages:) 3 beautiful Georgian girls need a shelter from 20th till 23rd july till easa any...
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UMBRELLA . EASANewspaper UMBRELLAworkshop is calling for submissions for our Newspaper, In Cadiz@EASA Spain 2011! Be.creativ . Be.Coast . De.Coast . ---> --->on 01JUL11...
by ymi @ 6/22/11, 2:00 PM

in topic: Insterburg
Hi, folks! My name's Gosha Zaborski - some elders could remember me, I hope:) I was EASA participant and, than, tutor in...
by goshaz @ 6/13/11, 9:08 AM

Somone told me on friday: "ah, i know easa, but i will never ever EVER go there! it's only people...
by monicator @ 5/15/11, 11:21 AM

Folks! An international student solar design Competition has been announced by Dow Chemical for the fall of 2011. It's unique in...
by Peter Anders @ 4/28/11, 4:33 PM

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questions about this site: mail marko or johannes Organisation 2011: Spain official easa 2011 website 19.03.2011 National Contacts AlbaniaKlejdi Eskischool: Polytechnic University of Tiranaemail: ArmeniaMarian Ayvazyanschool:...
by paradeiser @ 3/19/11, 5:15 PM

Dear easians, We have recently announced the selected workshops for easa011 on Congratulations to all selected tutors! See you in 147...
by franjrp @ 2/25/11, 11:24 PM

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