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we're coming to berlin...

hi, i'm julianna and i study architecture in rome. me and some friends we are going to come to berlin on 9 december; not going to stay enough :( , only 4 days for explore the city and get all the information that we need for the berlin urban planning project that we work on now...but we would also like to meet some easa people, so, if any of you will be in berlin in that period let us know...

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easa on wikipedia - alert!

apparently the article about easa in english wikipedia is not what it should be:

"The subject of this article may not satisfy the notability guideline or one of the following guidelines for inclusion on Wikipedia: Biographies, Books, Companies, Fiction, Music, Neologisms, Numbers, Web content, or several proposals for new guidelines.
If you are familiar with the subject matter, please expand or rewrite the article to establish its notability. The best way to address this concern is to reference published, third-party sources about the subject. If notability cannot be established, the article is more likely to be considered for deletion, per Wikipedia:Guide to deletion.
This article has been tagged since April 2007.
This article is considered orphaned, since there are very few or no other articles that link to this one.
Please help introduce links in articles on related topics. After links have been created, remove this message.
This article has been tagged since August 2006.
The tone or style of this article or section may not be appropriate for Wikipedia.
Specific concerns may be found on the talk page. See Wikipedia's guide to writing better articles for suggestions."

shall we do something about it? and, by the way, any ideas who wrote the existing one?

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la Biennale de Venezia

Yepp...we are here...Sending kisses and hugs to all EASA-people from the little-bit-cloudy-but-beautiful-as-always Venice!!!

From the main part of the EASA006 Organiser Group...

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the video??!!

i just got the cd package from mr, with a smashing easa dancing people video /its a definite mtv material/ and i am suppose to send it to 3 new people. one is going to a certain girl in greece :), and 2 more are waiting, be fast and write your adresses!! 2 other cd's from rune were sent to italy and malta so if you are late to this post ask there..
hgs from zg.cro

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Pressing in need!

I have to download any reports of successful EASA/SESAM activities promptly! Where can i find it? Do you have any links? Are there any "EASA final reports" online? Articles, etc?

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"future for digital media"

hi EASA,
you are welcomed to tune into and participate in the future for digital media symposium that is happening in dublin today 9.30 5.30 (GMT), it is part of the darklight symposium and indymedia ireland has facilitated this live stream.

we are exploring and pushing the boundaries of space, both virtual and physical, here in dublin we have set up a new social centre which is opening up as a second venue for todays symposium
a live blog will be up and running during the event

to listen, download streamerP2P, and click the darklight channel


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Rome, sweet Rome

Dear EASA friends,

I will be in Rome somewhere between 10-14 july. I am looking for some cheap accomodation for me and two other arch-friends. Does anyone have any recommendations, floorspace to sleep on, must-see's or hidden delights? I have no clue who is in Rome around (that time)...


Jelk NL

PS: The days before the 10th I will be in Italy for attending a real Italian-Dutch EASA wedding, from EASA Turkey 2001, how sweet!

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APELA - Portugal

Hy there

I'm Filipe from Portugal. I'm a member of APELA means organization of Students in Architecture of Portugal. We are preparing a summer event in Portugal.
This event contains reconstruction a part of an old villa in the rural ambient of Portugal, workshop of traditional construct process, architectural design competion, see sight of middle age castles and villas ...
The main object of this meeting is to get experiences about the know how to construct and make new friendship all over de Europe.
I hope to get more information as soon as possible
Best regards Filipe

Contact us -

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