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dear all,

information for a unique experience follows.I have attended 2004 in Switzerland which was great fun and educative experience :)


ps. you can also ask them scholarship than you would have to pay half of participation fee which includes food, accommodation, flights. Besides total number was way cheaper than real numbers and reasonable when I attended.


Hosei University Tama Campus and Mount Fuji Seminar House, Japan, 25 March - 9 April 2009

Applications Now Open! Deadline: 30 December 2008

Dear students and colleagues,

ETHsustainability, the Center for Sustainability at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich and Hosei University in Japan are pleased to announce the opening of the application process for the “Youth Encounter on Sustainability (YES) Japan 2009”.

This two week YES course aims to sensitize participants to the complex issues of sustainable development in a global context, while exploring issues pertinent to Japan and the region, though course work, field trips, workshops, group work, discussions and practical learning experiences, combined with unique social and cultural activities. The unique program builds on 9 years of experience successfully running the Youth Encounter on Sustainability YES program in Switzerland, Costa Rica, Austria, Slovakia, Australia and Kenya. The YES course is a once in a lifetime opportunity for personal and professional development, an outcome reiterated time and time again by alumni from the course. This alumni group is represented by a strong network of 900 individuals from 91 different countries around the world who have gone on to be actively engaged in sustainability initiatives at local and international levels.

A total of 36 places are available for this course, with 24 places reserved for international applicants, and 12 places reserved for Japanese applicants. All participants must have a good working command of English, be between the age of 20 and 30 years, be currently enrolled at a university (either in the final stages of their undergraduate study, or at any level of graduate study). The entire course will be held in English and applications are welcomed from diverse disciplines and nationalities.

More information on the course is available in the brochure attached.

Location: Hosei University Tama Campus and Mount Fuji Seminar House, Japan. 

Dates: 25 March - 9 April 2009

All applications must be submitted online.

The link to the online application form is available at: www.sustaina bility.ethz. ch/en/activities /japan.cfm

Deadline for applications are:

30 December 2008 (International Applicants)

14 January 2009 (Japanese Applicants)

Please forward this information to colleagues, universities, organizations and institutions that may be interested.

We appreciate your help to promote this unique learning experience!

Kind Regards,

Michelle Grant

Michelle Grant
Project Manager
Center for Sustainability
ETH Zurich
Bolleystrasse 9
CH-8006 Zurich
p: +41 44 632 5898
f: +41 44 632 1597
w: www.sustainability.
e: michelle.grant@

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