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eye candy

Just seen this on the Archiseek irish page, thought I would stick it up to pretty the page. It looks like we are getting a bit of eye candy built over here, enjoy!

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3d park

mfo park oerlikon zurich

as the echo to this thing has been so great whenever i have passed by with anyone who had an idea about architecture, i think it's time to publish it. besides that, i need a break from website work :-)

it is even linked to easa as it was supposed to be next to the first meeting point - which finally became the eth gym, so it was far away...

let's look at it as a good example how to deal with the task of installing a park in a former industrial area with completely spoilt ground that cannot be changed completely.


enjoy flo_ch

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arty ark pics

hey all ;-)

after the hustle about the heating building, i'd like to have you ppl to tell me - and us - about your favourite architcture picture (be it a photo or not - i do not really care) - and if u can - maybe post her? [not to forget to mention where u took it and put the "authors" name and so son - mind the copyrights ... think marko can tell us about that hu? ]. So i dont actually ask for nice pics of great ark - but simply visually great pics of what u consider being architecture. :D thx alot



ps: how r ur project going?

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i suppose there is no other lewis kinner from london or there is? have u won the coney island competition?

cogratulations if that is yours!

good job dear kiss dubi

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passive energy and zero energy dwellings

hi !

in vienna's technical university i m attending a lecture called solar building.

the teacher is maritn treberspurg, he also wrote some books about this topics.

i can recommend to everyone : 'neues Bauen mit der sonne' (='new building with the sun') or likewise SpringerWienNewYork, isbn 3-211-82940-7 i hope it exsists in english

it focuses on and suggests global regulations to reduce or stop wasting energy (in industrial and residential sense), in its second part the book continues with technical details of passive and zero energy housing primary with the use of solar energy.

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organic ?

Meyer House

picture by more pics can be found there

Location: 4780 Recht, Belgium 1997-1998 Architect: Yves Delhez

¬ Structure: tree-trunks (spruce, larch) ¬ Cladding: oak, larch and cedar (non-treated) ¬ Roof: slate and planted

"The house is situated hillside of a former railway-embankment. The central volume of the building is quite narrow and stretched and closed by a flat roof. The latter is completely covered with arable earth where shrubs and other vegetation will be planted. Inside an arch symbolizes a bridge and the wooden floor lays on simple tree-trunks which are placed in a staggered arrangement - as they were in the forest."

Excerpt translated from

Delhez generally tries to use some traditional technique to give the buildings some sculptural effect. Yet here he stayed quite sober in his formal language. Somehow the house does not really look as being located in Belgium.

infos are also given at info-bois

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Proposal - anyone interested ?

Hi ...

I wanted to submit a proposal to the readers of this weblog. It's a little in the same spirit as had been asked what was going on in "your part of the world", just going on turning the question "architectural".

"A project per week" would be the challenge: Invitation to all of u to post a pic and some lines and maybe some links presenting an architectural project (in the broadest definition)that you like or dislike, that has appealed to you or disgusted you, which has araised some emotion in you that you'd like to share. The aim of the challenge would be to have at least one project presented per week.

Of course that could be a project from your country/region which maybe does not have that big an audition. But that's up to you to decide.

A (little) start is made - feel free to comment, question, discuss ;-)



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