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byebye physical archives?

it's been rather silent since the awesome website was released, on which Hana and Dijana were working on. I still think its's a important matter, for reasons mentioned in a earlier post. Obviously there's still a lot of work to do and a lot of things to discuss in order to get a decent appearence on the web. There won't be a workshop this summer and i'd like therefore to give a short overview about the current situation and maybe suggest further moves.

I'd say it was a quite anticipating idea to digitalize the physical archive during the last two years, since, well, it's gone. correct me if i'm wrong ( and I truly hope i am), but there were only two physical easa-archives: One in Copenhagen, which has been thrown away. And now guess in which faculty building the second was... exactly! does any dutch know anything about it whether it was somewhere else or if it somehow escaped the flames for some reason? And does anyone know if there's another archive somewhere?

If not, then there's not much left except for two harddrives (one with pernille in cph and one here in Zürich), which are not at all complete (entire years are missing), but at least they have a decent amount of information, pictures and films.

There's also some stuff spread all over the world in the shelters of some estimated 10000 easians...

other things that were developed but hardly discussed/agreed on during last easa/INCM/blog are the use or uselessness of a eas-calendar, blog vs. forum (i changed my minde a little bit) and the Logo once again.

Not too many easians join the discussions here on the blog, wherefore i suggest we'll also talk about it during a nc-meeting in Ireland. If they're in any way similar to the ones in elefsina ("are there any problems with anything?... not?... some cookies anyone?" ;) ) it should be possible...


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Ok, the EASA site is almost being almost finished... so u can all get a look at it and share your opinion.

so u can take a look at it at:

HUGE credit to Hana Draskovic (Serbia) for doing such a great job!!!! and offcourse ALL of Archive team!

take in consideration:

  1. that the logo which is to stand in the left up corner is not done yet and that the site is still under construction!
  2. GO TO easa005 Switzerland to see how it works---only that link is finished (except for the gallery)!
  3. Someone mentioned a DOMAIN we already have so please come back to us for that... Hana needs to upload this stuff we have, so Luka can continue uploading the whole archive!!
  4. FAQ's is empty because we never discussed about them after INCM in Motovun. So, PLEASE read through this following list of FAQuestions (from INCMMotovun) before we put them on the site so we can hear different opinions on it. FAQ LIST:
  5. What is EASA?
  6. What is the aim of an EASA?
  7. How do I participate?
  8. Who chooses the participants?
  9. When does EASA happen and how it is decided where?
  10. Who chooses the theme of every EASA?
  11. How much it costs to participate?
  12. Can someone that finished University attend?
  13. What are duties of a participant?
  14. What should one bring to EASA?
  15. What’s the accomodation like?
  16. What is a NC?
  17. What is an INCM?
  18. What is a SESAM?
  19. My country does not have a NC, who should I get in touch with?
  20. If I am not from Europe can I still attend?
  21. If I am not an architect can I still attend?

Thanx, Dijana

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"Long distance call"

Embarrassing sound from dead body...

My dear Easian fellows, this is a voice from newest architect in my country since I've finished with my graduation last week. It took me embarrassing three months to complete that crap... As my co-workshoppers know, I was going to continue with developing code for archive web-site as soon as I graduate. Instead of going in kilometers with my words, I will ask Luis and other people that were in same workshop with me what happened from Greece, 'cause I haven't had time to stay in line with you. Only thing that Dubravko and Balsa said to me was that more people are involved in this "Hampster-project" of ours :+)

So, I plead that someone write letter containing informations about all things that are changed, and of definite structure look.

I'll be back in shape in a week (just to reset my brain :+) So, I wish you all happiest New Year and all other days and holidays that are coming!!!


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Web site- Main structure

Ok, the web is finally under programmin. So, here for everyone to see is the structure of the site the Archive group made on the INCM007 in Motovun, so if anyone has some suggestions or comments feel free.. It's better to discuss this now then after the programming is done and then we'll have to redo stuff. And people, please be precise and offer solutions if you think something should be different. Thanx, Dijana

Structure pg.1

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for whatever reason i cannot send email from here. therefor you get the easa-website-infos this way. as stories fastly disappear on this blog and we may need to discuss quit a lot of things, it would be nice if this text will be included in the finalreport of the INCM. however, thanks carla for english-improvement!

The Website should basically help to fulfil the „aims of easa“, on which were agreed at the INCM in Motovun. These aims are to increase the productivity and strengths of the network and improve the quality of easa in the longterm by finding suitable participants.


The websiteproject consists of an official and mainly static part; the website itself, and external links to dynamic platforms such as the blog, a calendar, the facebook-, flicker- and youtubegroup.

The official part of the website is meant for sponsors but should also provoke the interest of future participants.

frontpage: basic explanation of easa, links to the easaguide and upcoming events. It’s the first impression for many future sponsors and participants and should therefore contain a very well written introduction with a fantastic picture. (image1)

Archive: a well organised and carefully edited range of information about the past easas. You can browse historically, geographically (map), or by content/keywords (searchbuttons). The subpoint “facts” contains statistical data and things that are not related to a specific year (important discussions on the blog, …)

Each event consists (if available) of a short description of the theme and place, the best photos, a list of participants/organisers and specific downloads (such as final report, umbrella, logo-competition, workshop-posters…)

Contacts: description of what NCs are and do and a NC-list that doesn’t display the email-address (spam-prevention) and which can be updated by NCs on their own. If one clicks on a name in order to contact the NC, a textbox will appear.

Links: links to the different external platforms.

These links are external for several reasons: the offers exist, are free and are used by us anyway. Sponsors shouldn’t necessarily come across them, as they show the more vivid part of easa as well. For the same reason, future participants SHOULD come across them, also accidentally. This is possible due to their implemention in larger systems and networks. They provide a kind of huge, self-organised (or rather unorganized some case), flexible and fun-to-browse-through archive.

Flicker/youtube: the continuing growth of media production during the easas, incms and sesams requires a pre-selection-pool for the future archive. Everyone should be encouraged to publish his Photos and videos so that the archive-group can pick the very best. The collection of videos and fotos might show a “real” image of easa. People that are browsing youtube for architecture-related videos might come across our group, might get interested and if their arch-students, might want to join us.

Facebook: facebook could be used to increase the easa-network. It’s easy to find and contact people you met. Everyone is using it anyway and there is already a easa-group. But we could take a step further and encourage every future-participant to create an account, join the group and make it easy to stay in touch with easa-friends (there’s a threshold to use the blog for new participants). While the group is growing, arch-students that are browsing facebook for architecture related groups will find us, might check the official site, the external links and so forth and if they’re easians in their soul, they’ll try to attend the next easa and we have a larger pool to chose from. There should be around 5000 easians out there. Our ancients might help us further with the archive (there’s still shitloads missing!!!).

European-wide calendar: there’s obviously a lot going on concerning architecture and easa all over Europe. The “google-calendar” would allow us to share this information (even sync it with your personal calendar on the computer). While doing so, we automatically create a nice overview during the years… Access would only be provided for NCs. It’s a experiment, we’ll see if it works…go for it!

Blog: the current blog is the most important communication-tool for easa and frequently used. There are problems such as too many topics, the fast disappearance of important issues that should be discussed for a long time.

There are far better solutions that would provide better organisation and therefore better discussion. We’re searching for them and will discuss them with NCs before we make the switch.

Anyway thanks a lot to marko and the others that kept the blog running for such a long time!


After a successful competition in Greece, the archive-group chose a late attendant (Ronan_ire) that was rather an open platform than a fixed graphic design, and represents therefore represents easa the best.

The basic idea is a box that can be used or abused in any possible way, according to the event it stands for. The sides may contain the logo of the next easa, sesam and incm or display the main themes, something else or nothing at all. The box can be physically built or used symbolic in another Logo…

Although the common base should be kept, we’ll hopefully see dozens of different Logos during the next years.


As is taken already fits the content the best. Although it’s not bought yet and other proposals are still welcome!


The graphic design and structure so far was finished during the INCM07 in Motovun. The programming and administrative work will be done during the next month. It might take quite a while to fill in the archive with the stuff we already have…

There won’t be anymore archive-workshop during the easas. Some tasks, like scanning, can be done as duties by volunteers. The update and revision will be undertaken during the INCM by the archivegroup.


(participants) creating stuff, setting it on flicker, youtube NO workshop but duties (volunteer) for scanning


(NC’s/Archivegroup) Update, revision, development Select content from flicker, youtube

Throughout the year:

	Googlecalendar (NC’s), blog
	Update NC-list (NCs)
	Keep website running (Archive-group)

A last word:

We chose to reduce the archive drastically as we see no point in putting thousands of photos online that no one will ever browse through. We also skipped a lot of ways to browse through the archive in order to keep a healthy simplicity a.k.a user-friendliness.

This proposal is the first one to be set online. We’d like to encourage everyone to join the discussion and help improve the website in structure, content and appearance. This won’t be a definitive version but rather transform throughout the years

We would thank the past archive-groups for the very helpful pre-work that has been done in Moscow and Greece!

Thanks a million, dear Croatian organisers! We wouldn’t have been able to do this without the wonderful easa-atmosphere that you created in Motovun!

The INCM07-archive-group

Dijana (Macedonia) Christian (Denmark) Tine (Denmark) Luis (Switzerland) hana (Serbia) Iwan (Bulgaria) Ronan (Ireland) Patrick (Austria)

Did I forget anyone? o yes and here is the design-proposal:

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Last Request/Reminder: Archive documents and Gigabytes

Ha dear Easians!

I hope all the promises in the last response will come true :)) piles of Gigabytes!! I will take some cool stuff from the Delft Archive (Easa on a train final report '97) hope some more old fashioned posters and documents are coming!!!

Looking forward to see you all!!


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bring all your ancient Easa data

Hee People, it has bin some time that I said something here but now it's time to do so :)) (first part of my diploma is finished)

First of all I am glad to read about the discussion around archiving/blogs/server space and support. I am working on an archive workshop together with a Bosnian guy Luka who can build a database structure. He will try to prepare this before Easa so we can focus on the design and processing of data. I think it is best to ask the organisers of previous easa's to bring digital and analog data to put into the database. Furthermore I hope the archive box we had in Moscow will appear again, I don't know where it went? The Greek organisers (as they said also on the blog) proposed to collect money for the project during this years Easa. Since this will be a long term project/workshop I strongly advise as well, like Jurrien said, to use 2% of the budget for maintenance in the next years. We will need a lot more serverspace I guess :))

See you all in Greece! Good luck digging for old Easa stuff!!!

-x- wouter

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archive group calling!

Dear NCs and all of you EASA dinos and friends of EASA!

As you probably know, there's a project of EASA online archive going on. We need you to contribute with the information about the archive material you might have. We have sent the excel file to the NCs to fill in with the basic info about the material. So far we haven't recieved many replies. But we hope you'll reply :) Soon.

And all of you who would like to help us and haven't recieved that file yet or don't know anything about the project, write us at easa (dot) archive (at) gmail (dot) com. We are very interested in all the material you have (final reports, pictures, umbrella issues, workshop materials, films...) especially of the events prior to 2002.

So, don't be shy! We are waiting!

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