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"for the first time, we are witnessing the emergence of a "global civil society" represented by nongovernmental organizations, which are often active in several countries and communicate across borders.....whose vision is based on the respect of human dignity, the ethics of sustainability and an ecological view of the world"
wrote fritjof capra in "the hidden connections" (2002)

this new "network age" really came into being at the closure of the WTO talks in Seattle due to massive public peaceful protest in november 1999- thats when the term "globalisation" started to get used in the mainstream world. the first indymedia node was also set up at this time in Seattle and since then has developed into a global network of 150+ nodes in 90+ countries.
The basic viewpoint held by the "seatttle coalition" was
-existing rules of global trading are unfair and have to change
-the public are not being informed about these issues as the mainstream media has "vested interests"
-new process`s are needed to both challenge, reform or end todays unfair trade rules and to inform the worlds public
-along with this a new communication system is needed to facilitate open transperent dialogue for those in civil society so as to either create an alternative fair system or fix the present one

in january 2001, the "seatttle coalition" held the first "world social forum" in Porto Alegre, Brazil. since then there was WSF2, again in Porto Alegre in 2003 and this year WSF3 in Mumbai, India

the technology is already here for us and people are already maximizing it, but it is still early days and so there is a lot more we can do

it is very difficult and near impossible for most to travel and participate in the social fora but it is possible for us to set up a new system, whereby the real and the virtual worlds work together to facilitate a wider participation in the social forum.

global civil society network project:
wider global world social forum process, whose main communication network is facilitated by indymedia network

it would be a situation whereby when there is a World Social Forum, say in Pakistan, the usual things happen but to expand on that a network is created so that in each country, or each area where there is an indymedia group a convergence or physical meeting centre is set up for the duration of the social forum. this could be say, dublins cultivate centre. the space would allow for those interested in these things to physically meet each other and also to be part of the world social forum. this would happen by live streams and web conferencing technology via the internet. ie- fritjof capra is talking about say "local greeen groups and a global eco city network" in pakistan. that is beamed out through the net and shown in real time in the different centres. in dublin 500 people are gathered in the main space at cultivate and watch the forum, one of our audience wants to add a comment, he lifts his hand, this is registered by indymedia person at computer who clicks to main site that ireland has a comment. this is registered on global network.
comments are taken and forum develops through same process as happens at present.

simply we would all be part of the process-
literally thinking and being able to act globally while acting and thinking locally

an initial attempt was made on Dec 2 2003 for
"global indymedia network project for world social forum in jan 2004" it did not happen. but im sure that it is only a matter of time before this way of communicating becomes the norm.
here is second attempt

lucyuk, May 9, 2004 9:03:26 AM CEST

Advance notice of the European Social Forum for all those interested (Dunk I'm often interested in the events you spread the word of, but i need some advance warning most of the time)...

So, here is something related to your posting, which i'll be getting involved with through IVS (International Voluntary Sevice) which is a branch of SCI (Service Civile International), which is a organisation that sends people around the world on international workcamps, all with a peace / conflict resolution / harmony / learning about one another ethos.


UK European Social Forum
The third European Social Forum will take place from 14-17 October in London.
The European Social Forum was launched from the World Social Forum meeting in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Its first two massive gatherings were in Florence
(2002) and Paris (2003).
The ESF is a unique opportunity where social movements, trade unions, NGOs, refugees, peace and anti-imperialist groups, anti-racist movements, environmental movements, networks of the excluded and community campaigns from Europe and the world can come together to discuss how to achieve global social justice for all and debate ways of making 'another world possible'.

Previous events in Florence in 2002 and Paris in 2003 brought together 60, 000 social movement, community and trade union activists from across Europe and the world. These inspiring three day events included workshops, debates, seminars, cultural events and rallies united by the theme: Another World is Possible! The ESF is about making links to campaign effectively and about planning fair people centred policies for the future.

The ESF will be organised and funded by trades unions, community and campaigning groups, but will be supported by the Greater London Authority. Nelson Mandela and Arundrati Roy are among the keynote guests at the event.


enjoy, Lucy

duncan, September 8, 2004 12:22:42 AM CEST

irish social forum is on Fri 8th Oct to Sun 10th.
european social forum is on Fri 15th Oct to Sun 17th.
sustainable irelands cultivate festival is on Thr 14th Oct to Sun 17th.

as part of the convergence festival there will be time and space given over to new media, films etc and as part of this event organiser Davy Philips has agreed to give us, indymedia/ social forum, a space in the festival- a few hours to try to make a “live connection” with the european social forum (ESF) that is happening in london.This could be in the format of live radio streams from london or better still live viewing of the discussions or pleanerys. Better still would be a web conferencing type system, whereby people in Ireland interested in the ESF but unable to get there could go to the cultivate centre (name of centre in temple bar rented by “sustainable Ireland” and venue of “convergence festival”) to participate in the process in a 2 way format using webcams/ vid recorders and beamers.
some discussion has happened about this and as far as i know the uk-imc crew are looking into this as a real project to undertake

I believe it an ineviatable process that both “indymedia” and “social forum” will grow and be used by more and more people. In theory it is possible for everyone on the planet to engage in the social forum process so i think it’s very important for us to demonstrate to our selves new ways of communicating and interacting with each other without physically “being there”

i have written previously before, if somewhat in a more disorganised fashion, about this type of project as an example of ::new agora::

further info::

website and relevant link

irish social forum
(most recent info),

The third European Social Forum will take place from 15-17 October in London.

Convergence Sustainable Living Festival

indymedia uk network

indymedia ireland

follow development here

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