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the First Mediterranean Social Forum begins today, this day is also the day made famous in the famous james joyce novel Ulysses. how are things with you all, are any of you participating in the med social forum, were you aware of it the book ulysses was inspired by greek legend of odysseus wanderings around the med, it sees a day in the life of 2 dubliners, stephen dedaelus and leopold bloom, who wander around having an adventure in the city. im sure some of you remember a small wandering workshop from la CP last year, happy memories to those that wandered and yes, socrates is still one of my heroes why?

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creating the biggest gig ever?

1 day, 5 countries; britain, france, germany, italy, USA

why are they doing it? "we dont want peoples money, we want people to come and make a difference" says bob geldof

music men and women try to get everyone to come to protest at the G8 meeting (the gathering of the 8 leaders of the worlds richest 8 nations) in scotland to help erradicate world poverty check out films, audio, and much links on BBC site

surely this is a massive logistical task, Scottish homes are being opened up, mosques, churches, community halls are all opening up to offer sleeping space for those coming to G8 protests we will be going over to scotland with DISSENT, are there any of you invovled with the summers mobilisations, will any of you go to the free concerts, is this use of commercial popstars to try to raise awareness making any difference?

related article (28. June 2003) make trade fair- a call on all EASA community to get involved

help make poverty history

and lastly you can watch FUSPEY film 1

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6 Questions, many answers: discussion

Six Simple and Hard Questions About What Architects Do Today and Where Their Profession Might Go Tomorrow: And Your View Is .... was posted here, please only give your answers to the "6 questions"

this area is for discussion arising from answers to the "6 questions" you can view the questions and answers here on this thread

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109 Provisional Attempts to Address Six Simple and Hard Questions About What Architects Do Today and Where Their Profession Might Go Tomorrow is the name of the special edition of Hunch 6/7 on the question: "What will the architect enact tomorrow?" it was put together by the Berlage Institute (an architectural laboratory)

In the introductory article Roemer van Toorn analyzes the positions contemporary architecture is taking, the issues it deals with or denies, and the positions it could take in the future.

109 of the big names of "architecture" have answered the 6 questions, now its (y)our turn please give your answers to the 6 questions below and keep further discussion which arises from peoples "6 answers" here

the questions: 1- What is an architect in today's society? 2- Define "innovative architect" 3- How should one practice architecture? 4- What are the architect's responsibilities? 5- What or where is architecture's laboratory? 6- How can architecture be taught today?

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dealing with the shit

city shit-> bio plant -> food production

“Buildings Like Trees, Cities Like Forests” is a phrase from William McDonough, who is an internationally renowned designer and one of the primary proponents and shapers of what he and his partners call 'The Next Industrial Revolution.'

...We hope it is the design strategy of the future.”

Local Bio-Sewage Treatment: Community scaled waste and grey water treatment centre, separate from existing civic infrastructure grid. gif from case study

danish PLOT have also a few clever ideas from their updated smart new site see their film here

Fritjof Capra, PhD; Founding Director, The Center for Eco-Literacy: can be watched on film here: "berkley lectures: education for sustainable living- stereo webcasts"

curitiba in brazil is one of the best examples of how to make a city more sustainable

"The Zero Emissions City of the Future" film can be watched here

has anyone got other good examples done or proposed for urban ecology

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le petit cinema @ condition publique

"for the first time, we are witnessing the emergence of a "global civil society" represented by nongovernmental organizations, which are often active in several countries and communicate across borders.....whose vision is based on the respect of human dignity, the ethics of sustainability and an ecological view of the world" wrote fritjof capra in "the hidden connections" (2002)

this was le petit cinema number 3 (night 3? of EASA ) ; the first one put on inside the condition publique; to the EASAians, as it was more important for us to work with the outside world, get more involved after that undercurrents "globalisation and the media" went on then planxty to cool down

showed imc mayday, provoked huge debate, including people from nicaragua and el salvador; countries that really have felt the pain of unfair trade rules and the force of the US war machine

more stories and films and le petit cinema @ the streets of dublin to come

little by little

EASA and the architectural community are in a position to improve things for the most part i do not like these communities as they are not interested in trying to really change things

those working for global justice are the ones that inspire me; it is a pleasure to work with them, it is only a matter of time before the ark community realise whats going on, or what went on, hopefully they wont just read about it in books but they will actually be part of the growing network that is changing the world

allez les pirates

if you need to find out more about what my views are you can watch the 34 seconds longFUSPEY film manifesto,

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looking for antoine

Hi, I'm looking for a french guy named Antoine Trollat, from Lyon, France. If anyone knows him, or sees him, just tell him to mail me, I might come today if he's still here. cheers...!

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2 Duncan

Ok. To be clear - I didn't find something on Idymedia and Ecotopia in Belarus! I was asking any young indepandent person I know, and... nothing. I think we havent something of that kind!

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hello people, I am not sure if this is still the place to be for leaving messages and stuff or that...
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Zurich, 16 February 2012. trans is a semi-annual professional journal of the Department of Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute...
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Hey! I'm looking for Ben from Slovenia who's participated in easas around 2005-2007. Also if you know any other cool Slovenian architects? Many...
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hello everyone. here the news from cadiz: tumblr. :​m twitter: or FB-Fanpage: ............... issue 1-13 EL PARASOL ISSUE UNO : EL PARASOL ISSUE...
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Hello Everyone I havn't appeared here ages:) 3 beautiful Georgian girls need a shelter from 20th till 23rd july till easa any...
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UMBRELLA . EASANewspaper UMBRELLAworkshop is calling for submissions for our Newspaper, In Cadiz@EASA Spain 2011! Be.creativ . Be.Coast . De.Coast . ---> --->on 01JUL11...
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Hi, folks! My name's Gosha Zaborski - some elders could remember me, I hope:) I was EASA participant and, than, tutor in...
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Somone told me on friday: "ah, i know easa, but i will never ever EVER go there! it's only people...
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Folks! An international student solar design Competition has been announced by Dow Chemical for the fall of 2011. It's unique in...
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questions about this site: mail marko or johannes Organisation 2011: Spain official easa 2011 website 19.03.2011 National Contacts AlbaniaKlejdi Eskischool: Polytechnic University of Tiranaemail: ArmeniaMarian Ayvazyanschool:...
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Dear easians, We have recently announced the selected workshops for easa011 on Congratulations to all selected tutors! See you in 147...
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