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berkley lectures: education for sustainable living- stereo webcasts

you can watch the "berkley lectures" from last febuary on the free webcasts
i just watched
Hidden Connections: The Inner Dynamics of Ecological Order” Fritjof Capra, PhD; Founding Director, The Center for Eco-Literacy:

here in dublin we will be screening these lectures and i would propose to you, EASA, that you watch the screenings in stereo, same time, your place. and then after we can meet in the IRC to chat as well as the chats we will have in our own local areas.

next screening should be wednesday next week
is the link to watch the films
you just need to download the free real player, link on page

fritjof talked about:
what is life- a scientific view
cognition and mind
changing values in worldview- philosophy and politics
how present capitilist system is unsustainable
global justice movement
ecological systems
eco design

lenth of talk 1 hr 18 mns
first half hour is very sciency. after that deals with what real things are happening today
more on capra here

another talker, the famous non violent peace activist and spiritual teacher; starhawk, joined us on mayday for our actions and in the open media centre we created

to find out more about this stuff, please see here

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