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World car free day - september 22nd

PGA - peoples global action - Urbanism forum, Tolouse

just letting you know about some of the upcoming events, exhibitions etc that are happening around Europe that some of us are trying to get to over the upcoming weeks about important, if not critical, architectural and urban issues.

We hope to set up live streams (internet live radio or tv broadcasts) where possible, maybe a regular web based radio show, lots of coverage and we hope that you can pass on to more groups that this is being attempted-we would encourage you to try to find out whats going on and moreso add your input where possible - we are attempting to widen those participating in critical debate about issues of architecture, urbanism, healthy sustainable living and from that encourage more action to work toward a more sustainable way of life.

World car free day happens on September 22nd


  • Earth first gathering, Wales
    : 16th-20th August
  • Future City, London art exhibtion
    : 15 June- 17 September 2006
  • Urbanism forum @ people global's action (PGA)
    : 19th to the 27th of August
  • Biennale Architecture... - Venice, Italy
    : sep 10 - nov 11 2006


  • Radical urban issues in Dublin

Earth First Summer Gathering 2006
Wednesday 16th - Sunday 20th August
a place to share skills and ideas on direct action for people & planet

Future City
Experiment and Utopia in Architecture 1956 - 2006
15 June 2006 - 17 September 2006
Barbican Art Gallery, London, England

global's action (PGA)- Urbanism Forum
From the 19th to the 27th of August, the people global's action (PGA) will take place in Toulouse. theme : Urbanism

...Biennale Architecture...

Cities, architecture and society
The 10th Intl. Architecture Exhibition, directed by Richard Burdett, is dedicated to Cities, architecture and society. The exhibition opens up on Sept. 10 showcasing the urban experiences of 16 world cities in four different continents.

venice, italy, sep 10 - nov 11 2006

last years venice art biennale and our links of sorts with that
:critical discussion @ monks garden, venice

radical urban issues in Dublin

full story...

Dublin: new community garden up and running in Phibsboro

As part of the greening the city eco initiave to set up more community gardens along a possible greenway (the botanic spine) and CPUL (continuous productive urban landscape) for Dublin city a community garden was set up some months back on unused land in Phibsborogh between the Royal Canal and the Arrow train line. On Saturday an open public gardening day happened during which many baby Larch and Beech trees were planted.

The garden was started on Sunday the 25th of September as part of a 4 day long series of events that were put on by Irish eco activists as examples of healthy free sustainable alternatives to current car culture which relies on unjust oil wars to keep things going. The previous Thursday was car free day, not that you would have known given how little the government did for the day. Work on the garden has been happening since then; clearing the weeds, opening the soil and clearing an old fence, making a herb garden, compost heap, planting flowers, starting a willow den, and dreaming of a future with play areas, fireplaces, lots of food, a super community enjoying each others meals and much much more.

A similar garden happened on the South side of the city in Dolphins Barn and it has become a hugely successful project with many people from the area participating in growing their own food, re-establishing community, enjoying the fruits of their labour. That garden will be a year old in April.

Things are in their early stages and having done the initial ground work the team are now engaging with the wider community of Phibsborogh, Glasnevin, Cabra and beyond. so if you are interested email us or pop down on the weekend.

4 minute audio interview with Seán about the history and dreams of the garden

related links:

more news and photos from Phibsboro garden

Bringing Nature to Man's Domain -previous imc-ie feature about dolphins barn community garden

ruth tells us the history of the dolphins barn garden 8mins

THE BOTANIC SPINE: an 18 km long orbital linear park that threads through a series of pocket parks; some existing, some proposed.

What are Greenways?


eco stuff for car free day 2005

that eco city idea is starting to take off in china

full story...

that eco city idea is starting to take off in china

wishing everyone a very happy new year, as well as much fun, messing, creativity, love and laughter in the EASA spirit.

2006 : the year the world embraces eco cities.
there has been much architectural work done here in dublin in 2005 to green the city, to attempt to make it an eco city- this is still a major area for architects to think about and work toward, we hope to hear reports from the rest of the planet about whats going on. it looks like china is now creating a string of eco cities.
heres a little piece carrying on the conversation that was started on EASA back in November 2002, it includes ideas dreamt and ideas realised, and a few inbetween.
your responses are most welcome.

British to help China build eco-cities
Sunday November 6, 2005

"British engineers will this week sign a multi-billion contract with the Chinese authorities to design and build a string of 'eco-cities' - self-sustaining urban centres the size of a large western capital - in the booming country.
Arup, the London-based consulting firm that has already signed up for one such project near Shanghai, will announce it has clinched a deal to extend the concept into a string of cities around China."
chinese eco city site

further experiments with living....
Biosphere 2, a failure?

  • in another city in brasil; Curitiba , which due to smart thinking by architect mayor it has turned into probably best example of an eco city

buildings as trees. cities as forests

bucky stuff:
bucky dome over manhatton

the Buckminster Fuller Institute’s on-line resource for the leading edge of the Design Science Revolution !

eden project is 'To promote the understanding and responsible management of the vital relationship between plants, people and resources leading to a sustainable future for all'.

classic definition of sustainability:
“A sustainable society is one that satisfies its needs without diminishing the prospects of future generations. Today, human society is not only diminishing the future prospects of planet earth - it is doing so at an alarming rate. The earth's life-support systems are deteriorating; we are on an unsustainable course.”
Lester R. Brown

Center for Ecoliteracy:
The Center for Ecoliteracy is dedicated to education for sustainable living.

quantum physicist, systems theorist, deep ecologist fritjof capra:
a paradigm shift is emerging, its essence is spiritual


Michael Sorkin Studio
section: Design Revolution Today

Environment is king at UL's new architecture school

Dublin eco city group was created 1st of june 2005

greening city, connecting communities update:
architecural thesis "catalyst @ botanic spine" successfully completed in june.

view botanic spine outline on the new eco city website

vision : creating the botanic spine (site still under construcion), an 18km orbital eco corridor/ greenway for dublin city. a green thread that connects up a series of pocket parks, organic food gardens, local amenities, cities waterways and a new city metro underground.

locally produced fruit and veg is a huge part of this project, we started dolphins barn community garden in april which has been a wonderful project to be part of.

belfast greenway

The State We Are In: Planning Our Cities
Planning Our Cities is a six-part radio series in which people with an interest in and experience of urban planning talk about the Irish experience of cities at the beginning of the 21st century - how we plan them, build them and live in them. Architects, planners, artists and activists are among those whose views will feature as we explore themes like the creative city, land and its use, Ireland's changing urban demographics, building and design and cities of the future.

The Reflecting City: The Reconstruction of Dublin is a mixed media exhibition, CD-ROM & website focusing on urban transformation in Dublin over the past decade. (lots of videos on the site)

The Loving Architecture Festival was on for the month of October in Ireland, it was a celebration of all aspects of the built environment and the people who shape it. Over sixty events took place nationwide during the event.

  • these included walking tours, building visits, exhibitions, conferences, talks, book launches
    and performances. There was something for everyone who loves architecture, design and the
    world built around them.

Architecture News for dublin city and ireland

new plans for poolbeg city in dublin - will it be eco?
dublin poolbeg pier 2005 / January 9
Dublin Bay new town sparks row
€300m to build but will be worth €1.5 billion when complete, is likely to be controversial.
Dublin Bay new town sparks row January 09, 2005

see nicely presented planning scheme from landscape architects on dublin city council website

first 17 pages : pdf

eco city banjaluka bosnia

past eco city comments:
"eco city project – banja luka" could and indeed should become the most exciting global architectural project, an example of a new direction in a new age. if it gathers sufficient momentum, it will happen. its up to us to make that momentum

  1. April 2003

is a possible route ECO CITY GROUP exhibition could go, wander around the planet setting up communication systems, art events, educational systems. bringing together people and developing and setting up NETWORKS, and making a bigger ECO CITY GROUP.

could be a whole lot of FUN

  1. May 2003

yoke : floating city (image missing due to site down )
YOKE = floating city this is a model of "YOKE"
an egg shaped structure, 500 metres long. it is a floating city. ... @ DEC 2000

communication is the key:

  1. May 2003

we have started to ask the right questions.

is an further attempt to try to get EASA more invovled with our project.

this years main EASA theme is SUSTAINABILITY.

i believe trying to create networks that lead cities toward the ideal of ECO CITY, is the main process architecture and sustainability, green, ecological groups have to focus on,

i believe ECOTOPIA is probably the most progressive vehicle we can use to achieve this state.

we do not have the answers. but we have started to ask the right questions.

a few more related articles:

Situationist International Mailing List Archives
Re: Dull, boring theory- the land of sex and sinners- not too boring, theory and life combined? for me anyway

INDYMEDIA stuff exhibited in Bosnia state art gallery
INDYMEDIA stuff was exhibited in the state art gallery of Banja Luka, Srpski Republic (serb half of Bosnia) as part of ECO CITY GROUP`s 2 week exhibition there in april 2003. after the initial, 2 week long, stage of project: ECO CITY BANJA LUKA.


banned from ireland to europe? archeire

from duncan in ecotopia, co clare, here and now

Eco Movement Needs To Communicate Better

weekend wander

EASA censored at irish website


above is a loose collection of stuff, links, stories, projects (some realised, some growing every day ) hope it inspires, more importantly that it helps make the idea of living eco a stronger reality. Next chapter of begins today, finally,
Strange days, that’s life though. Maybe youd like to watch 2 films now:

FUSPEY film 1

also here

Streaming From The Gaff
also here

Or play with google earth to see where you live

02:04 monday 2nd January 2006

full story...


Here's a collection of picture uploaded to the site by Dunc since around middle of january... just to sum up some of his great contribution to the community...

Sorry couldn't resist digging even a bit deeper into the archives... so here's a stroll down memory lane...

what a classic... anybody remember his tasteful suggestion to ask the serbs how to build bomb shelters?

He must really think that inside any european arch student is a heart longing for ireland.... oh Ireland...

he apearantly uploaded this twice with two years in between:

35 seconds, sound and vision

and as the grande finale - the classic Dunc picture:

a fun sustainable picture if I ever saw one..



ps @ mods - just take it away when you get tired of it, or ask me to do it myself...

full story...

Seriously Duncan

no one can argue with your commitment and the political fire that you´ve got burning, you know it´s not my point to critizise that in any sense -
BUT: This is not the site to manifest that! Especially not when you collage-paste pictures of riots along with pictures from easa-events. That really makes me mad (and diminishes the efforts you made in Roubaix)
Do you even realize what this means as far as a face to the public for Easa? The consequenses that it could have for the Easa in switzerland? the swiss crew and all their efforts with sponsors that take a look at our forum and wants no part of theses political standpoints? Don't make "the swiss" look like liers or hipocrites. Not to mention new easa participants who might get the wrong idea that there is a "right" and a "wrong" standpoint within easa.

As a well spread out network, a non-hierarchical system, we have only one common face and it happens to be this blog. Please don´t disregard one of our strongest functions - a free-zone from political and religious opression.

I know you want us to react and discuss with you, but
t h i s i s n o t t h e p l a c e for it.
It's not cause we don't care about these issues that we don't answer your callings, but (if i may speak for others than only myself..?) Let do that this summer, in groups when we´re all speaking as individuals and not as easians.

thank you and please understand where this is coming from.

alexandra - nc sweden

full story...

mayday 2005

mayday the traditional workers holiday is on next monday, whats going on in your country?

last year it was a bit of a fiasco here in ireland: plenty of people gathered, danced, sung and marched

only to be greeted by the water cannon (first time it was used in irish state, but had been used many times in north)

back in mayday 2002 was another violent day, as the cops here went completely mad beating peaceful protestors

despite acting without garda numbers on (an illegal act), despite beating peaceful people, many of whom were not even at the RTS, none of the gardaí were charged in court. thats justice for you?

was a lead up discussion to last years EASA @ la condition publique

heres the origins of mayday (many languages, including greek)

and to finish up, you can listen to a bit of music from riotfolk

full story...


it has been a busy year.
After finally doing "playing with phi" land sculpture on lahinch beach just over a year ago, after waiting about 3 years, things have been pretty hectic.

it was quite a political year with the war being on and ireland having the EU presidency; the mayday demo against the direction the EU is taking and george bush`s visit to ireland being the biggest events.

on stevens day, dec 26, tragedy struck Iran. 40 of us walked dublin bay and raised €7,000 for the earthquake victims in Bam, Iran.

but it was also a hugely creative year, irelands first IMC (independant media centre) was set up for 10 days around mayday, which was amazing. later in the summer we turned a shed in a back garden into the jamaican bar and made a few new cocktails.

with EASA04 there were highs and lows. overall i feel we did some great small things but on the whole EASA did not produce the magic that perhaps LA CP was expecting from them, that being, in my opinion, to go out and mix with the people of roubaix, excite them and from that encourage them to play in LA CP. it was a great challenge, EASA architects went back to the city and the people: i feel we could have done a lot better.

back home after EASA there was festivals, tournaments and urban play

theres a good buzz here in dublin with a crew trying to make a social centre and to do some urban gardening

but now its thesis time and a new ecological corridor for the city is being explored and hopefully that idea will soon become a reality.

sat 15th nov 2003

Car drives into demonstraters at Shannon
Saturday 8th December 2003

playing with phi
Sunday the 9th of December 2003

Saturday 31st January and Sunday 1st February 2004

dublin independant media centre
april 23- may 3

mayday demo
may 1-3

art and politics - red archive
month of may

communication actions
4th june

jamaican bar

sat 26th june

black blanket street theatre
sat 26th june

le petit cinema
Friday, 30. July

the roubaix tapestry
friday 6. August

irish lads save the day
Saturday, 7. August

green and blue wander
sat 14 august

Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th August

sep 11-remembered in ireland

Sunday, Sep 19

botanic spine
october onward

social centre for dublin
october onward

full story...

"architecture is a political act"

ANARCHITECTURE: Architecture is a political act
is the statement or manifesto that Lebbeus Woods used to call his book from 1988.

the helicopter drop is one of my favourite architectural ideas
its from a scheme he called "zagreb free zone"

"state of emergency" is my little interjection, it refers to something that i feel is unhealthy and rampant in todays architectural community, that being the apparant lack of critical discussion, thinking and action on issues both architectural and political.

perhaps its because we, europeans, have gone through a particularly turbulant time over the last few years and the wounds have not yet healed; perhaps its easier and better for some to not have to remember the past horrors.
perhaps its because we are living in an evergrowing consumer society that really doesent care, "live for today as tomorow you will be dead"
perhaps people associate political thinking and action only with being part of political parties and working in that system.

in my opinion, and many others too, the western world view is slowly going through a massive paradigm shift with the result that we are beginging to ask new questions, develop new ways of doing things, making new methods and places for our species to talk with itself in a meaningful way.
but i feel that this progressive thinking is, for the most part, absent from the archtitectural communities that i am part of.

EASA started with this SPIRIT, back in liverpool city in 1981; seeing problems and doing creative things to resolve them. but that SPIRIT then drifted to care free summers on mediterainian islands, last year there was an attempt to come back to the fundamentals of what architecture is for; people and cities. A request was made for 400+ architectural students to come to a semi-derelict building and to attempt to engage with the local communities, to excite them, to share their dreams, to work with them, play with them, get to know them. in short to make it clear that the condition publique was for them to use, work in, play in, dream, discover.........
but for the most part it did not happen, it seems that the experiment was not a success, EASA did not come up with the goods...

im writing this for a few different reasons,
-to share with the community my views
-to throw out an idea in the hope that it generates some positive and exciting discussion
-to attempt to further find out what is going on in the different architectural pockets of europe, whats new, whats exciting, whats different from here
-to establish whether this "state of emergency" is real or imagined

so ill leave you with a few words from Lebbeus Woods

Woods is the cofounder and scientific director of the Research Institute for Experimental Architecture, Europe (RIEAeuropa), and they happen to have their base in bern, switerland, which is the country for the upcoming EASA005

"whoever occupies the freeespaces and the free zone will have control of the powers inherent in them: the power of access to global communications networks, with their databases and priveleged information; the power to broadcast, and to interfere with the broadcasts of existing institutions of authority....."

full story...


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